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Fall Landscape Tips

Fall Lawn & Landscape Tips:        

  • Late fall is an ideal time to do some basic shaping and pruning on your boxwoods (just in time to use in your Christmas decoration). Always use hand pruners to shape boxwoods and not power shears as they will cause browning on the tips and only encourage growth on the outside of the stems.  Major rejuvenation pruning should not take place until late Winter (February). 
  • If you want that fireworks display of color in March/April/May, now is the time to plan and plant! Bulbs of all kinds can be used in any existing landscape with a few very basic tips.   
  • 1. Make sure you plant bulbs 3X the bulb size deep (i.e. 2” bulb should be planted 6” deep).   
  • 2.  Remember “pointy-side up” when planting.  Some bulbs make it hard to tell, so if in doubt, plant them sideways. 
  • 3.  Pick alternating bloom times to extend your bloom period for 6-8 weeks.   
  • 4.  Visit Netherland Bulb Company’s tips page to learn more about bulb care and what types of bulbs that are available.
  • Make sure all of your mulch beds have at least 2” of mulch cover on them to help insulate your plants over the winter.
  • Fall lawn aeration and should be taking place between September 1 and November15 (approximate; based on climate). Since many of you use your lawns for picnics, sports, fun and entertainment it is likely you will need to alleviate compaction.  Visit ext.vt.edu to learn more about the benefits of aeration. 
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